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Zac Efron?

The series in which we investigate the Semitic qualities

(or otherwise) of someone in the news

Movie musicals are back in a big way and teen heartthrob Zac Efron is the leader of the pack. The 19-year-old rocketed to stardom with the Disney Channel mega-hit High School Musical, starred in the recent blockbuster film Hairspray and landed a part in the forthcoming Footloose musical movie. His name sounds Jewish... but is he?

For: His full name is Zachary David Alexander Efron — not a name normally favoured by Waspish parents. He relates how he was always the shortest kid in school (he is now 5ft 8in) — a useful genetic pointer to our assessment panel. Despite receiving a reported £2.5 million for High School Musical 3, he plans to study at the University of Southern California, no doubt at his mother’s insistence that he always has something to fall back on.

Against: Zac is a blond, blue-eyed fitness fanatic who claims he cannot start his day properly without a nice, long run. He has a secret penchant for “the honey mustard chicken with bacon sandwich from Quiznos”. Oh, and he hopes to play an action hero one day.

Verdict: Forget the bacon sarnies — Zac is a genuine blond, Jewish guy with potential to be an action hero. Form an orderly queue, girls.

So we say he is 78 per cent Jewish

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